Building Regulations

Building Regulations Drawings – The Process

Building regulations drawings set the construction standard for design and building works for many alterations to existing as well as new properties, and new builds. Building regulations are put in place to ensure health and safety in and around the buildings, Pyramid has the experience and knowledge to work on building projects. The legislation governing building regulations is constantly evolving and becoming increasingly complex. Even from the simplest domestic project  to the most complicated large scale development, all building work has to pass these rigorous standards.

The local authority’s Building Control department, or a private certified approved building inspector, will also have to check the building regulation drawings to ensure they comply with current UK regulations. Once the drawings have been approved, Building Control, or an approved inspector, will visit the construction site at critical stages of the build to ensure that the building work carried out is to a sufficient standard.

Building Regulations

Building Regulations – Our Expertise

We can help provide you with minor works such as house alterations and extensions, up to large scale new build developments and conversions; to gain approval from Building Control for your project.

Building Regulations

Building Regulations – The Outcome

At the end of construction, the building inspector will visit the site to issue a final completion certificate to prove that all works completed complied to the UK regulations. The building inspector has the power to refuse the issuing of a completion certificate if the building work does not comply. It is therefore vital that you choose a company which has experience.

Building Regulations Services